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07.23.07(no subject)
this is how we wither to death

stylish wave '07 MAX concert review
Date: 7/15
Doors: 16:00
Start: 17:00
Where: Yokohama Arena SOUND HALL
Line up: Lolita23q, Mello, Billy, Dolly, NoGoD, and Sadie.

I never write...concert reviews, so this isn't amazing. Also, I talk mostly about the vocalists. Not just because I like vocalists, but because that's who I was in front of the entire time. It was easier to see the vocalists than any other band members, plus I'm short. D:

Oh, the post gets really picture heavy by the end. XD

/Edit - I FIGURED OUT THE SECOND SONG THEY PLAYED. It was obvious ballade. HAHAHAHA. I'm happy now. :D

12.02.05 - FRIENDS ONLY!
this is how we wither to death

Friends only.
Yeah, that's about it. ♥
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